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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Life is Not Fair

... in Haiti. Tears are rolling down my face tonight after reading Licia's updates from the Rescue Center in Haiti.

They currently have 6 burn victims in the clinic - 5 children and 1 adult. One little girl was horribly burned when her family was boiling seeds to make oil to sell. The support holding the boiling pot broke and splashed water/oil into her face ... family members tied her to a bed and carried her 6 hours, one way, to the clinic. While treatment of his daughter took place, the father could not handle her screams and fell to his knees praying for his little girl:

Three children have died this week. Sonjil. Liberson. Henrius. Licia wrote:
I do not understand the suffering here. I do not understand why he did not just die last week. They did not teach me how to deal with this in school. It is hard. I had one child die yesterday and I have another child that we admitted yesterday that is struggling to breath and live. Malnutrition has no easy solution, no easy answers to solve the problem. Most of the parents here really love their children. They want them to live , they want them to grow and be healthy. But almost everyone you talk to has lost a child. Usually more than one. It is almost a normal part of life. I do not want it to be normal. I want it to stop. I want the parents to have better options for there families. I want every child to live and feel loved.
Please pray for the staff of the Rescue Clinic as they deal with the reality of death and suffering on a daily basis. I just cannot imagine. I do not want to imagine. May God have mercy on these little ones and those who care for them!

2 1/2 year old Sonjil died this morning
June 28 2008

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Christine said...

Hi. I am in Ukraine adopting a little boy with special needs and was going through blogs and stumbled across yours. Such sadness happening in that part of the country. I am so sorry. Blessings to you on your journey to bring your boys home. God Bless you.