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Monday, June 30, 2008

New Pictures to Come!

*updated 7:30 pm

An adoptive mom is currently visiting her new daughter-to-be in Haiti and has promised pictures of our boys upon her return. I am VERY excited and will post them whenever they arrive!

Please pray for our paperwork to enter into the second phase of the adoption process in Haiti - known as IBESR - this week, and for its quick processing there. Please pray that the papers will proceed smoothly, quickly, and correctly through each and every step. Thank you so much!

*It was recommended to our group of adoptive parents today that we expect 7 months' waiting time in IBESR; however, some files are processed as quickly as 4 months and in one amazing situation recently a file was processed in just 1 month! Please, pray with us for a miracle as far as the timing goes because with our upcoming move to Iquique things could get complicated ... pray that we would remember that God is in control of every detail!

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