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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Nothing New

... to report this weekend. We've not heard much in the way of updates on the boys, mainly because there is not much to report at this stage. Things have a way of taking their time in Haiti, and our paperwork has only been in motion there for about one week.

Please continue to pray for the status of adoptions in Haiti and that they would be processed both correctly and quickly. Pray that God would sovereignly have the final say (as we know He will) in the lives of these children, as I truly believe the enemy does not wish to see them escaping the spiritual darkness that is Haiti into homes that teach the truth of God and His saving love. At any given time there are undercurrents of unrest in the processing of adoptions in Haiti, and we are praying that our children will not be caught up in these and that God will fill the hearts of government officials with compassion and concern for the precious lives of Haiti's children.

Thank you for praying with us!

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Tracy said...

Hey there! Your boys are adorable. Absolutely precious!!! Our dossier landed in Haiti right about the time yours did! Yes, Sara with CCI did just get home with Caleb....finally. I sure hope our adoptions don't take as long as hers!