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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Dossier to Lawyer

Well, we have received word that our dossier has gone to the lawyer. He will be taking it to IBESR, so it looks like those prayers have been answered and it should be in this week! Praise God!

Regarding the adoption grants for which our applications are being reviewed, I thought I would list them here for anyone interested in praying more specifically and/or adoptive parents looking for grant resources:


kimrhodes said...

Our family just started the process through Haiti. We are in the home study phase. As soon as that is completed I'll start researching grants. Thanks for posting this info. It's going to be a hug help not only to us but other people as well. Thanks for sharing your journey!

alejandra said...

mi hermana me dijo que le saco fotos a todos los nenes de la lista que le di, lo q no sabe es si va a poder distinguir cual es cual.
yo una idea tengo asi q la voy a ayudar. ellos llegan el domingo, nos juntamos toda la flia para almorzar, asi que ahi voy a grabarme todas las fotos y a la noche si tengo tiempo se las mando.

Jen said...

We too are adopting from Haiti and just wanted to say Hi!!

Hope your stay in IBESR is a short one.