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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Shopping for Our Boys

Oh, how I love to shop for baby clothes. When my girls were small, I became an avid Ebay buyer after discovering the beauty of purchasing nice, used clothing in "lots" (ie, multiple outfits sold for one price) from the comfort of my own home ... my stay-at-home version of a garage sale, if you will! As they grew bigger, it became harder for find large "lots" at rock-bottom prices - so I moved on to children's consignment shops. Of course, I also paid my regular visits to all the "cool" children's stores to browse through their clearance racks in hopes of finding that one killer deal!

However, moving to Chile closed that chapter of my life. Unless purchased at the flea markets, clothing is extremely expensive and most items won't survive their first tumble through the washing machine and clothes dryer. In fact, I realized the other day that with the exception of school uniforms, I hadn't purchased a single item of clothing for my children in almost a year. (Needless to say, my husband was delighted to hear that announcement!)

Now, however, I am planning and packing for our trip to Haiti and realizing that I need several items of clothing for our boys during our week's stay with them. Outfits for those seven days, and especially warm sleepers for the nights spent in an air-conditioned hotel room - something to which their little bodies are not accustomed. A reason to shop - yay!! (Lest my husband get worried, however, in reality I have been blessed with some lovely hand-me-downs from my sister and I was able to get two "lots" of sleepers on Ebay for a great price.)

But ... every mom knows there needs to be at least that one special something that is brand-new and bought especially for the new baby, right? And in my case, that special something just had to be a matching outfit or two for my new boys! Happily, I found just the thing online for a very low price (2 for $4.00!) and now I can't wait to see Ian and Alec in their matching outfits. Little by little, this trip is becoming more "real" ... I am excited and nervous and everything in between!

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alejandra said...

hola! en chile hay una marca de ropa argentina q se llama "mimo & co", es ropa para niños de muy buena calidad, mis sobrinos tienen mucha ropa de alli, y dura años!
no es barato, pero en las liquidaciones podes encontrar buenos precios! yo trabaje en esa empresa muchos años asi que tengo muchas amigas alli aun, en mi baby shower toda la ropa fue de esa marca.

un saludo