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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Our Family

This past week, I happened to notice an entry in the writing journal Eva uses for second grade. In it she was asked a question about her family, to which she replied: "I have one sister and three brothers." (emphasis mine) I loved that! I love that she already counts Ian and Alec as her brothers even though they are so far away and we only know them through pictures.

Another neat thing is how Owen is beginning to recognize the boys through pictures. Whenever he sees me looking at blogs with transracial families or dark-skinned children, he always runs over and asks, "Are those my boys/brothers/buddies?" (any variation of those three) Sometimes he says, "Yeah, those are my brothers!!" and other times he shakes his head in disgust and says disapprovingly, "No, those are NOT my brothers!"

I can't wait for our entire family to be together.


Heather Marie said...

truly sweet moments!

Rebekah Hubley said...

Kids are the best!!! Has Owen ever said anything about them being brown like him? The first thing that Micah said about Jonas's pic was, "Why does he have black hair?" He did not even notice that his whole body was brown. :-) funny, his skin color is never a topic with our kids. Obviously, it means nothing to Hannah, and I always wonder what Jonas will think when he is older, since color will not mean anything to him either????