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Sunday, October 19, 2008

School Sponsorships

I wanted to share this link from Licia's blog because it is such a tangible way that we as believers can touch the lives of Haitian children in a way that matters! Recently they have had many children brought to them in need of basic food and schooling due to the loss of parents in the hurricanes and floods.

One mother, Telismane, was widowed with five sons at home to clothe and feed. Her husband drowned while trying to return home to his family after having sought work in order to put food on the table.

Two other mothers with three children each experienced the loss of, or significant damage to, their homes and are unable to afford the cost of schooling for their children. (There is no such thing as free public education in Haiti and on top of the cost of school fees and supplies, uniforms are also required and must be purchased by each family.)

Five school-age children lost both of their parents in the flood and are being raised by a young Haitian pastor and wife. They too are in need of assistance to send the children to school.

In addition, a special need is to send a child named Bercharda to a school for the deaf in the capital of Port-au-Prince.

Licia details all of these needs, as well as the costs associated with meeting them, on the post below. For just $17/month or $200/year a child's entire cost of school including uniforms and supplies can be covered. Please take a moment to look at the faces of these children and listen to their stories ... each one is precious in the sight of God!

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