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Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Blessing of Siblings

Cara's family is experiencing the joy that we all look forward to one day - her son Kenley is finally home! I loved her post about their first-day experiences, but especially reading about how Kenley reacted to his siblings at home: soon as we got in the house with the kids, he was a different kid. He was laughing and playing. He found some cars and some Little People and was racing around like he had been there forever. Our other kids also just seemed to think he had been there forever. It was amazing. I was so relieved that they had eachother and that he seemed happy.
Having read a similar update recently, I've begun to realize what a blessing those waiting siblings are for our children adopted from orphanage settings where they are used to being around lots of other kids. I can't wait for Ian and Alec to meet their sisters and brother! That will be a day to blog about!! :)

(For now, the best I can do to picture them all together is this:)

Eva, Isabel, Owen, Ian and Alec

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Gillian said...

What a beautiful story you have to tell ... my heart beats faster when I think of adoption. I would LOVE to adopt a child into our home someday, Lord willing. Thank you for sharing your adoption stories ... God bless.