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Friday, January 16, 2009

Missing Them

Yesterday as we found ourselves on an impoverished back street of Iquique with its dilapidated buildings squeezed together and people milling about, I re-visited scenes of Haiti in my mind and there pictured my boys …

Today as we drove down the highway that snakes along Iquique’s beach, I listened as the scent of the ocean breeze and the sight of the sand and occasional palm trees reminded me of Haiti and spoke to me of my boys …

This afternoon as I unwrapped pictures and came across a collage of photos from the week spent with my babies in Haiti, I gently hung it and felt my heart squeeze in pain as I missed my boys.

Each day of our unpacking they have been present in my thoughts, as I run across bins of little boys clothes and wonder when they will ever be home to wear them … as I decorate the boys’ room with their Haiti painting … as I arrange furniture and mentally allow for two little pack-n-plays to fit in as well.

Each day that I could I checked e-mail and there was no word … no word … no word … Now we have been without internet and the silence continues to echo … when … when … when??

Will they??



Bill and Christina said...

I pray for your hurting heart. May you have God's peace overflowing within your heart. That you trust in Him that He will bring your boys home in His perfect timing.


Melissa said...

Love you!