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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Pictures & a Poem

There they sit on a weathered bench, their smiles a bit unsure

As people pass and cameras flash and they wonder if there will be more?

Not knowing what all the fuss is about, but seeing a friendly face;

A loving smile, a tender touch, new voices around this place.

Little they know that these pictures will go to their family far away,

To us who with love and concern for them shed our tears and pray each day.

So meanwhile they smile as they’re hugged and held, enjoying it while it lasts

Because until they are finally home in our arms, all too soon this joy will have passed.

May it be soon, is our constant prayer as we think about this scene

And long for these - who are sons in our heart - no matter the miles between.


michellenotdawn said...

What beautiful boys! Our family will be praying that your family will be complete soon.

Anonymous said...

I have never met you, but came across your blog in the Stepping Stones magazine and decided to check it out. We are also adopting, a domestic adoption, and live in British Columbia, Canada. It is sooo hard to wait, but remember God is faithful and He has incredible plans for your life. Continue to put your trust and faith in Him alone. He will bring your boys home to you.
Wishing you much patience and God's strength...
In Christ,
ps. Your boys are sooo cute!