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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Today They Made Me Cry

Usually I can take the kids' questions about Ian and Alec's homecoming in stride. But today as we drove to our final Sunday at our church here in Santiago, we talked about our upcoming move to Iquique. In the course of the conversation, Eva innocently asked if the babies would be arriving shortly after we did. I realized that she had tied the two events together in her mind and had full faith that they would be coming home any day now.

Today the questions made me cry.

It should be true that the babies are coming home any day. It should be true that we would all move to Iquique together. It should be true that they were home already.

If only it were true.


Emma said...

I know the feeling. This weekend many people asked the same and kindly said please don't ask anymore. When it's time EVERYONE will know. For now the wait maybe up to 5 years and even then I'll just be happy if we can bring them home. Stephanie I love it...Eden. I never named my first baby, but I want to I was thinking of Elisha because he was inseparable from Elijah, also bc I had a good friend woman whos name is Elisha. So i thought it could be a good male/female name. Elisha yes that is the name. God Bless you

alejandra said...

stephanie, no hay secreto.
es q para los argentinos es mucho mas rapido el tramite q para los americanos, o de otros paises, q tienen legislacion c respecto a la adopcion internacional.
en nuestro pais, si se quiere adoptar internacionalmente, rige la ley del pais del adoptado, por lo que no tenemos requerimientos desde nuestro pais.
eso es todo, son muchos menos papeles y requisitos, no secret!

debra said...