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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Brothers & Sisters

Our kids at home talk about Ian and Alec almost every day. Recently, Owen has been bringing them up often in the course of conversation - telling me where they are going to sleep or what they are going to do, and even making up imaginary events with them involved. Tonight he told us that Ian pushed him into the water. His sisters just looked at him in confusion for a minute and then proceeded to point out that he has never even met Ian or Alec yet! :)

I love these little conversations which make the boys' homecoming seem more real, but at the same time I feel my heart being twisted by all the what ifs and unknowns of when and how this will ever happen. I just have to believe they will come home. We hold on to hope ...

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Rebekah said...

I'm trusting that it's okay for my readers to pray the date too, right?? How can you say "no" to more prayers :)