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Thursday, February 12, 2009

There Is No Rhyme or Reason

So often the question we receive when people learn how long the Haitian adoption process takes is "WHY?" I have come to the point where I can only reply that there is no rhyme or reason.

Today a family is celebrating the homecoming of their beautiful baby girl. Their dossier reached Haiti one month after ours. Yet their little girl is home, while our boys' file continues to languish in the first of several offices seven long months later. Even if we were to be released from this step today, there are still so many more ahead of us - any of which could take just as long as this one has.
Lord, I believe that You will bring my boys home. Please help me to learn what You want me to learn through this, even when it hurts. Please help me to rejoice with others, even when I want to weep for us. Help me to trust ... believe ... obey!


Amanda said...

OH I can't imagine the emotions that must pull you every which way as you celebrate for them and yet, long for yourself.

In God's time...we rest in His perfect time.

dreamingBIGdreams said...

praying for all of us.
i always say the same thing ... there is no rhyme or reason. you just can't try to make sense out of it!

Gods Love said...

I am there with you! We are planning on a trip for March and I am nervous about loving Hannah even more than I do now. Bonding and wanting her now. We just dont understand. As I pray for you Stephanie pray for me. OK


debra said...

As we all rejoice in one coming home we pray for the others still waiting.

No rhyme or reason for sure.