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Monday, March 30, 2009

Airline Frustrations

I am a wee bit frustrated with the airlines this morning.

To travel between Chile and Haiti, I am allowed 32 kilos total (approximately 70 lbs.) Those 32 kilos must be divided between two bags of 9 kilos and 23 kilos respectively. When you consider that traveling to Haiti involves taking my own clothing and toiletries plus those of two baby boys (including diapers, wipes, and formula) ... well, it doesn't allow for much flexibility.

But it gets better! Because in order to fly to Haiti, I must first fly within Chile from our home city of Iquique to the capital city of Santiago. The national airline recently instituted new baggage regulations, which allow only 23 kilos total per passenger. But those 23 kilos must also be divided between two smaller bags.

This is just crazy. I currently have an e-mail in to the national airline, pleading my case as humanitarian travel since by taking diapers, formula, etc. to my boys I am in essence also taking donations to the orphanage. Please pray that they will respond favorably to my request - thanks!


Rick and Heather said...

Wow.. praying Stephanie!! Praying for many miracles for you right now!

Bill and Christina said...

Oh boy! I will be praying!


Anna and David said...

You might be able to add on a little more weight with your carry-on. We've had carry-ons that were heavier than our checked bags and have found that as long as you can lift it yourself and it fits the height/width standards, you will have no problems. Good luck.