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Saturday, April 11, 2009

One Year Ago Today

I initially wrote this in March but then realized I was a month ahead of myself. Now re-posting it on the correct date!

One Year Ago Today

... we committed to adopt two little boys (one of whom was not even born yet.)

One year ago today, we never imagined the agony of waiting that was in store.

We never imagined the heartbreak of separation.

We never imagined the emotional weariness of the unknown.

But we also never imagined the depth of hope and the strength of love and the bond of faith that would knit our hearts to theirs.

And now we can never imagine life without them.

Ian and Alec, we love you and wish you were home with us today on the one-year anniversary of your referral. But today, and tomorrow, and the next day and for as long as it takes we will wait for you ... and we will love you!

With all our hearts,
Mommy & Daddy


Katie said...

So sorry Stephanie. I hope that it is soon!!

cecilia said...

Stephanie espero que estés disfrutando este tiempo con tus hijitos y que se recuperen pronto.
Ojalá ya vuelvas con noticias sobre el avance de tu dossier.
Un abrazo

Anonymous said...

¿ Cómo están los chicos de la fiebre y diarrea?
Seguramente con tus mimos han mejorado.
Besos KARIN.-

DeAnna said...

This is so sweet and heart wrenchin at the same time. I so hope they get to be in your arms forever soon!