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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Phone Call to Haiti

I just spent awhile on a phone call to Haiti, speaking with Ian's nanny. I could hear Ian squealing in the background. She said he's a wild one these days! He LOVES attention and if he isn't getting it then he starts screeching (I can attest to that fact now.) He also loves snuggling and sometimes he'll come over and just lay his head on her lap for some lovin'. Ian's not walking yet, but he is standing and moving around by holding onto things. He is eating really well and was recently put on whole milk because he's over a year old and the formula seemed to be giving him diarrhea.

Apparently I am going to be rooming with LaWanna at the village, so I'm excited about that. She is SO sweet and it will be easier on Ian to stay somewhere familiar. Hopefully Alec will also do well because he has visited in the apartment several times. I can hardly believe that this trip is coming up so soon!

I didn't realize that LaWanna had been at the village when Ian first arrived at four months old. She said he was such a pitiful sight, starved and covered with sores. Now he is doing so much better! She takes such good care of him, and she also has another little baby in her care. Imagine being 70 years old or so and still getting up for 4:30 a.m. feedings. How is that for commitment?? I can't wait to meet this woman! :)


Melissa said...

I love seeing your updates. It is so wonderful that you are getting to talk with Ian's nanny. Can't wait for more pictures of you with the boys. I wish I could go with you :( I am so sorry that it isn't going to work out, I wanted to be with you for it. So many unknowns with our adoption.

stephanie said...

i am green! i want to meet lawanna so bad! have fun - and take a picture for me!!