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Saturday, April 18, 2009

About My Boys (Journal Excerpt)

I want to write about my boys. They are so different but each so special and precious in his own way! Ian is light; Alec is dark. Ian is skinny; Alec is chunky. Ian is a daredevil; Alec is generally cautious. Ian can be loud; Alec is mostly quiet. Ian has gotten to the point where he can take or leave his food (if there is something more exciting going on); Alec thinks life is about food! Ian is learning to walk; Alec is doing the army crawl. Ian is everybody's friend; Alec's friendship must be earned.

Alec is playing one of his favorite games at the moment. It is to offer you what is in his hand and then pull it away, giggling. (His brother doesn't like this game.)

Ian's favorite game is escape artist. He tries to make a run (crawl) for the front patio, where the joys of full water buckets and steep stairs await. If that fails, he heads in the opposite direction to the shelf where the plugged-in toaster sits as his eye level. And if all else fails, he just might grab an egg off the shelf and crack it on the floor! (All three of these things happened in rapid succession this morning.)


Julie said...

So glad you had such a precious time with your boys!

Anonymous said...

I'm so enjoying all these updates and pictures!

I hope your heart & mind are doing well!

Anonymous said...

Steph, I enjoyed each darling picture and story. Thanks for taking precious time to inform us of our grandsons and being so vulnerable and transparent. I shall pray with full understanding of your heart's desire, dear daughter. Mom G

Melissa said...

I wish I could have seen the Ian on the loose as you described. The egg incident explains why you had to mop so many times.
I love learning more about the boys and cannot wait to meet them someday.