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Friday, May 22, 2009


If I were to write about the emotions of the past few days, it would hardly be edifying and would frankly be quite depressing ... so I am choosing to stay silent for now.

Still here, just ... silent.


Mom of 2 said...

I have never adopted a child- so
I can't imagine your feelings- but
from other Haitian adoption blogs
I have read- babies do come home-
the process does work- but it is
slow- too bad you can't pack up
the family and move to Haiti
while you wait for your 2 sons!
Remember files have moved last
week- maybe yours will be next-
I hope so...

Anonymous said...

I just keep hearing the lord say the first shall be last and the last shall be first. I think whatever is going on will not matter at the end. I really believe that you will have your boys home before many of us that are just getting out of IBESR. Praying for you and thinking about you every day!!

Heather Marie said...

still here, just...praying!

Julie said...

I so understand your pain and the questions without any answers. Praying----

Anonymous said...

hay una canción de Vox Dei que dice:

Porque habrá siempre
tiempo de plantar y de cosechar,
tiempo de hablar, también de callar...tiempo para el tiempo y un rato mas.

Date un tiempo y un poco mas.
Cariños Karin.-

MOFAM5 said...

I will certainly try my best to get lots of pictures! I was just looking at the pics you sent me of Charlene and each one is like GOLD to me. Thank you so much!

Do you know the approximate date you took those pics? I"m trying to keep up with the dates so I don't lose track over time (I"m a scrapbooker, I'm a fanatic about dates:))


Rick and Heather said...

I understand silence...praying for you. Praying for Isaiah 41:13 for you that in the quiet you will still sense He is holding your right hand. HUGS

BSC said...

I'm in a quiet place now too. It's too painful to talk so I'm just waiting... in silence. I'm praying for you and your sweet little boys as you endure this wait.

kerri said...

Sometimes silence is best...
I know it has been for me this past week as it has given God time to speak and more importantly, me time to listen.
Praying for you today.
Kerri Stetler