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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Help, please!

Can anyone explain the re-fingerprinting process to me?? We are running into a little confusion here. Help, please!


Updated to explain: Our "local" USCIS is actually in the next country over (Peru.) They assisted us with obtaining fingerprinting appointments the first time but now they are saying that since we filed the I-600 in Haiti they are no longer in charge of our case and we would need to contact Haiti directly. However, I don't want this to get any more complicated than it needs to be.

Can we just get fingerprinted at the Embassy and send the prints wherever they need to go? And, would that be USCIS/Haiti?? Or, do we need a specific form so that we don't get charged again??

Any information is appreciated - thanks.


Amanda said...

Your fingerprints expire in a year. You must schedule an appointment with your local USCIS to get refingerprinted. In your letter to them, let them know that this would be your first update to your fingerprints and you qualify for the update without the fee.

That's what we did. They then sent us a letter letting us know they received our communication, along with a receipt showing we owed no fee. That communication told us we would be receiving our appointment by mail soon. A few days later, we received our appointments on an I797C, notice of action.

I don't know how all that works with you being out of the country, though. Hope this helped some.

Julie said...

Your fingerprints are only good for 18 months. Your I-171H should have the expiration date on it. In the states we get one free fingerprinting. Good luck.

Amanda said...

OH man, that does complicate things. Are you adopting independantly? I would so be asking an agency or director. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Call the Embassy and ask them. I wasted SO much time calling the USCIS "help holine"! Everytime I called they gave me a different answer - granted it was a different question from yours, but after contacting a lawyer friend, he said "Call the Embassy". they gave us the right answer and everything worked great!

Thanks for keeping us posted and we are praying for your boys to be home soon!!

Penne Hatcher