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Friday, July 31, 2009


I am very thankful for the loving caregivers God has sent my sons' way these past months, most of whom I have never met and maybe never will. In some ways it is strange to think that people I don't even know have held my sons, changed their diapers, fed them their bottles, and have their pictures on their computers and carry their memories in their hearts. But it is also overwhelming, and humbling, to think about these things and to know that God is using others to be His hands and feet to our children.

The pictures above are of a lady named Susan who volunteered alongside Lawanna to take care of the seven babies in the apartment. I look at these pictures, and I am so grateful. Thank you, Susan - thank you, Lawanna - most of all, thank you Heavenly Father for watching over my children while we are apart!


Amanda said...

What a sweet face he has!

God is good and sends his hands and feet for us all.

Amanda said...

I'm pretty sure that at the end of time, He will tell you the same thing: Thank you for watching over my children while we were apart.

Melissa said...

How sweet! God is good.