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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Letter to the Haitian Ambassador in Chile

While on our recent trip to Santiago, I stopped by the Haitian embassy to drop off a letter.

I had hoped to see the ambassador in person but he wasn't in; however, I was able to leave the letter with a brief explanation in the hands of his secretary.

The letter included several pictures of our boys and went like this:
Dear Mr. Ambassador:

We hope you might remember us from our meeting in your office last year. At the time, we were authenticating documents for the purpose of beginning our adoption from your beautiful country of Haiti. We have not forgotten your assistance and support of our efforts to do so.

We have now been in process to adopt for over a year. Our two little boys, [Ian] and [Alec], are currently 19 and 15 months of age. One or both of us has had the privilege of visiting with them at their orphanage in Haiti on two occasions. They are precious boys!

The purpose of this letter is to introduce our boys to you and also to request your assistance with their case. Unfortunately due to changes in directorship and other circumstances outside our control, our boys’ dossiers have been held in the office of IBESR for an entire year without forward progress. Their dossier numbers are #17061 and #17062. Our lawyer is Me. R------, and our orphanage is the Foyer de la Nouvelle Vie.

It is our hope that perhaps you might be willing to advocate on our behalf in this matter. Any good word would be greatly appreciated and helpful to our boys’ case. We love them dearly and are so anxious to bring them home to their family here in Chile! Below are photographs taken on our two visits to Haiti. Thank you in advance for your kindness and support in this matter.


Pedro & Stephanie Garcia

We are praying that God might use this in some way to help our boys ... we're not sure if/how an ambassador can assist if a letter from the very president hasn't accomplished its purpose but ultimately we are again reminded that GOD is in control and will use the means He chooses!


Tracy said...

I say at this point...anything is worth a try!!! Good for you. I hope this letter is just enough to get someone to sign you out!

Lisa said...

I agree anything is worth trying to get our kids home! We too are in that ugly mess they call IBESR, we entered 8/08! Here is hoping & hoping that we will all get good news SOON!!