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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Broken Promises

Latest word from Haiti on our boys' file:
All we are getting are promises from the lawyer who keeps telling us: "I am getting the file on ____ date". but then the date passes and no word,,.just another promise.


Bill and Christina said...

I am sorry!


Amanda said...

That seems to be a typical response...we've been told twice that good news was coming and it hasn't.

Hang in there. I keep telling myself that it will happen when we are least expecting it (if that's a state of mind that's possible after waiting so long!)

Anonymous said...

Siempre nos acordamos de ustedes y de vuestros niños... ánimos y fuerza!!!!!!

(los vimos en el diario el otro día.... se veían bellos.... tus niños están tan grandes!!!!!)



Terri Fisher said...

God knows, Steph!

SQ said...

I know it's super frustrating, but God's time is perfect. I just keep reminding myself of that.

I have a question for you pertaining to your post on my site about the I600 and the 171H.

Stephanie are they two separate processes then? Do I need to renew them individually? Where did you find out that inf