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Monday, August 17, 2009

Hurricane Season

It sounds as though the hurricane season is on its way again.

Praying for safety for our boys and the people of Haiti during this challenging time ...


sea salt MOSAIC said...

I am glad you mentioned this - we, too, have been praying over this hurricane season. That God would lift His hand and that the season would be calm and peaceful - a rainy season more than a hurricane season. I have also been praying for your sister's little one in Taiwan since the typhoon hit. Praying for safety all around.

Terri Fisher said...

Yes, this is a good reminder, Steph! I know of families in Taiwan getting their little ones around the time the typhoon hit. We need to be praying for safety for all involved!

Anonymous said...

i have been away for a bit but just wanted to say.....HOORAY FOR GETTING OUT OF IBESR...IT IS ABOUT STINKIN' TIME.......AMEN!!!!!!!though i don't blog anymore i am still following my favorites....take care

adopting from GLA in haiti