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Friday, September 18, 2009


Tonight I read the blog of a beautiful family who recently brought home their two children from Haiti. Like us, they were already an adoptive family (in their case, of two sweet children) and like us, their dossier arrived in Haiti early last year (in April, one month prior to ours.) Also like us, the younger of their two children was born in April of last year.

Unlike us, however, they were blessed to be in IBESR for only one month. Their process literally flew. And unlike us, they have now had their children home for two months.

When I read stories like this one, my emotions war with one another. My heart truly thrills for this family to be together. My hope soars that a scenario such as this one is actually possible. But at the same time, my heart deeply aches that my own children are not home, nor do we know when they will be.

For each victory and movement forward one of us experiences - "us" meaning adoptive families in this uncertain and emotional time of waiting - another family is left behind. Over and over this weekend I have been asked to explain this to several different people. The family that goes in first is not the family that comes out first. Two dossiers may enter the same office at the exact same time; one may come out in two months, another in twenty-two. Yes, it would be wonderful if I could bring my boys home on this trip. No, it is very unlikely that will happen.

And so my heart is aching tonight ... for us, for our boys, and for so many other families stuck in all different stages of this adoption process. Tonight I pray for a miracle ... a miracle for all of us.

Once again I ask, Lord, please bring our children home soon ... miraculously soon.


Amanda said...

I just downloaded Aaron Ivey's Amos Story song. You NEED to hear that song. Loved it.

I'm up late tonight pondering these things along with the desperate feeling/longing that I have to experience my WHOLE family in one leaving my children here while I visit another...I want them all in the same place. May it be soon.

sea salt MOSAIC said...

oh honey. . . I know it's hard, but allow yourself the freedom to anticipate seeing and holding your boys. It will hurt enough and be sad enough on the return trip. Praying you can become eager in this blessing to travel to them.All of our adoptions are in God's hands and He knows what's best for us and our children -He knows what's best for Haiti. praying for your joy and comfort in Christ.

kayder1996 said...

Sitting up tonight because all I can think of as I sleep is the 12 months we have been in IBESR and that in a few months it will have been 12 months since I've seen my daughter.

Kathy C. said...

Jeesh. I've been well over two years in the process and nowhere near bringing my children home!!!!!!!! I've been hung up at every step.

You will probably fly through the rest of the process.