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Monday, September 14, 2009

Please Come Home

This morning I was looking at the collage poster we had printed after our first visit to Haiti. The boys were so small then, just 9 months and 5 months old when we met them that time. I was overcome with such a sense of yearning as I looked at them, longing to have known them and held them and loved them from the beginning when they were so little. It was so important for me to go on that visit and have at least one chance to know them in their infancy, but I wish I could have shared so much more than one week with them at that stage.

I don't often dwell on what we have missed because I know how very blessed we are with the contact we do have through other visiting adoptive families and even being able to talk to Lawanna on her cell phone, thanks to Skype. Mostly I dream about what it will be like when they do come home and my five children are finally all together. But sometimes, the melancholy of what we've lost does make my heart ache a little.

Please just let them come home very soon.


Kathy C. said...

It's tough thinking about all the lost time and missed milestones.

Amanda said...

I try to think of all of the firsts WE WILL share. But it's still very, very sad sometimes. He'll always be my baby.

sea salt MOSAIC said...

I know how your heart aches. . .

thank you for linking your photo collage - It was the first I saw it, and it's beautiful.

cecilia said...

Lo entiendo perfectamente Stephanie, y también ver crecer a Sarah me pone feliz y a la vez triste por cada momento con ella que no estoy pudiendo compartir.
Ayyy sé cuan difícil es esta espera.
Un abrazo a la distancia.