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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Ian & "Isaac"

Prior to my April trip, I introduced someone special on this blog: Schneider, Ian's biological brother. His adoption is also still in process and he has a family anxiously waiting for him in Indiana. It has been a treat to see him on my two visits to the orphanage, and each time he seems to grow more outgoing and definitely makes his opinions known! Schneider's new name will be Isaac, which I love. On this trip I tried to get a good picture of Ian and Isaac together, but Ian was not really in the mood. I really like the perspective in this photo even though it's not "perfect." Two precious little boys, and GOD is working out His sovereign plan in each of their lives.

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Anonymous said...

Que lindo está expresado el sentimiento. Muy oportuna la foto y el post.

Cariños, KARIN.-