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Thursday, October 29, 2009

My Little Guys

This picture makes me smile. First of all, because I love any and all pictures of my two little guys together. Secondly, because Ian is resting his arm on one of the bears we sent down for the boys. It has our family picture and supposedly they sleep with them every night. And thirdly, because Alec once again got his hand on both his snack and his brother's, and is quite proud of himself as you can see! I miss them.


Kathy C. said...

What a cute picture. They look very content.

Stacey said...

I love the idea of the bear with your family picture on it. Man that would have been wonderful for our kids. I never even thought of something like that. That is a wonderful idea for families to do that are adopting. But like you said I have no idea if they really get to keep what ever we gave them, because it never came back to us when we went to pick them up and take them home.
I would recommend that to everyone adopting to do that. Good job Stephaine.

Amanda said...

Cute fellas, love the bears! I made a puppy at Build a Bear for Joshua and it had a sound button of my voice. I hope he remembered how to use it.


sea salt MOSAIC said...

LOVE the bear idea! As I was leaving the store today some stuffed bears caught my eye and I HAD to go over to inspect (it couldn't POSSIBLY have had anything to do with the big Lindt's Chocolate tag hanging from it)! I took a peak at them and they had a zipper up the back where they were lovingly stuffed with chocolates! Two went into the cart. I'm not sure that the chocolate will make it a week until we get to Haiti, but if it doesn't we can confidently say that we just made room to stuff in some crayons or bubbles or pajamas or pictures! THANKS for the inspiration! I'll let you know if I have a couple of extra pounds to thank you for later!