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Saturday, November 21, 2009


In the midst of the
chaos of this week, I find myself constantly thinking about getting our boys home.

I compare dates on the calendar and try to decide which is more likely to be the day they get their visas; I evaluate my other kids' school activities and try to determine which are essential and which I could miss if I need to jet off to Haiti sooner than later; I log onto travel sites and try to discover which offer good prices on flights during the most busy travel season of the year.

The latter has me a bit worried, as the good deals I discovered earlier this week have given way to bold letter "sold out" announcements for most of the month of December.

I just have to keep reminding myself that God is in control of calendars and flight availability and most of all, of our little boys in Haiti. My heart aches a little at the thought that once again we will most likely not be with Ian for his birthday (he turns two on December 9.) But then I rejoice in the fact that they will be home soon, God willing, and every birthday from here on out will be spent together.

This week, another little boy came home to his family from Haiti. His mom posted a link to pictures of his homecoming, and I especially loved seeing him meet his siblings for the first time. From wary looks in the backseat of the car to huge smiles as they posed together in pajamas on their first night together at home, the pictures made my heart swell to think of what it will be like when Ian and Alec are finally here and meeting their brother and sisters for the first time!

I just can't wait.


sheri wiebe said...

It's just so hard to believe our dear children will sometime be home with us to's just like one long unending pregnancy right now. Wishing you a calm head as you prepare to go to Haiti!


Anonymous said...

Stephanie.. was reading up on everything... so close!!!
I clicked on the link you had and long and behold we saw this dad and his son at PAP before we got our flight. I said hello and gave a huge smile. So glad I could catch up on their blog too...Small world!