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Tuesday, November 3, 2009


On each of my trips, I've taken bath pictures of the boys. On my first trip they took baths together in the comfort of a tub with running water at the hotel where we stayed; on my second trip they enjoyed splashing one another while bathing in side-by-side tubs of water.

This trip, however, they were much more mobile and bathtime basically took both Mom and I to accomplish: one to bathe, and the other to supervise the child not yet bathing. It also involved making sure water had previously been pumped from the well, or going to the well to pump it ourselves. On this particular occasion I didn't want to go to the trouble of heading to the clinic or to Lawanna's apartment to bathe the boys, so I pumped water into a gray plastic tub we had on hand and bathed the boys on the front porch of our little house.

As you can see, Ian enjoyed himself! Sometimes the boys would scream when the cool water first splashed over their skin, but other times they loved it. I do look forward to introducing them to the pleasures of warm water baths and bath toys, and I have a feeling that bathtime might just become a favorite event for them when they come home. :)

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stephanie said...

Deneilson was so scared of the bath at first. he had never had a warm bath before. now....he LOVES it!!