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Friday, November 6, 2009

Doing the Bedroom Shuffle

I used to get jealous when I would see the beautiful nurseries created by waiting parents for their children. Brightly painted walls; murals; pillows and blankets and rugs and curtains all with an adorable matching theme made me sigh with envy. However, for a number of reasons having a lovely designated nursery has never been a possibility for us.

So as we prepare for the homecoming of our boys, we're doing the "bedroom shuffle" instead.

It's actually quite fun. We have three total bedrooms in our house, and of the two children's rooms one is quite a bit smaller than the other. Until now the girls have shared the larger room but in preparation for Ian and Alec's arrival we moved them to the smaller room earlier this week. It's very tight, but the trundle bed and two narrow dressers (just) fit. The promise of paint was key to their changing over with good attitudes, so we're excited to get that done hopefully sometime soon.

Meanwhile their old room has been cleared out to allow space for Owen's trundle bed and for two pack-n-plays. I can't quite imagine what it will be like to have three little boys tucked into one room but I sure do like to try! :)

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kerri said...

I tuck three little boys into one room each night. It's really quite cute! We have a bunk bed with a double bed on the bottom. It works great for our family. I don't think my boys would know what to do if they weren't sharing the same room. I'm sure your boys will love it!
Kerri Stetler