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Monday, November 9, 2009

Sweet Memories

Yesterday I spoke with Lawanna in Haiti and was able to catch up on my boys. They are healthy and happy and doing well. She reports that Alec is still very much in the biting stage and that Ian is still very much the man of the house who feels its his responsibility to alert the grown-ups when the other babies get out of line. :)

Both boys do well at the creche with their friend Sarah during the day; at night, the three of them come back to Lawanna's and are usually pretty tuckered out! Last night, however, David was in one of his very talkative moods and was chatting away in his crib while Lawanna and I talked. It was so sweet to hear his little voice just jibber jabbering throughout most of our conversation!

After speaking with Lawanna, I had a nice chat with my mom in the States to fill her in on all the boys' happenings. It is so nice to be able to talk with someone within my own family who has experienced Haiti and the boys' surroundings. It makes all the news that much more meaningful.

The picture above was taken on the day we went to Wahoo Beach with the boys. I think I mentioned that we had a rainstorm and since Mom was the only dry adult, she took shelter under an umbrella with Ian and Alec to wait out the weather. After awhile they both relaxed and enjoyed being on Mom-Mom's lap ... sweet memories.


Amanda said...

Love that picture! Looks like a nice place to be!!

I know you ache for you boys today, as I ache for mine. Praying.

Melissa said...

What a sweet picture!
I am glad that the boys are healthy!