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Monday, December 28, 2009

Counting the Days

11 days ... 33 days ... 39 days ... 43 days ... 56 days ... 105 days ... These are the number of days it has taken recent families from the time their children received their passports to the time they received their approval and visas from the US Embassy in Haiti.

We are at 35 days and counting. How I wish our file hadn't landed in the middle of the holidays! But God is still in control and so we just trust and pray that He would stir someone's heart this week to approve our paperwork and give us the visa appointment so we can plan to go get our boys.

In the meantime I am thankful for the sweet pictures we are receiving, as many families and volunteers are heading to Haiti at this time to visit the children. One mom from Argentina (her daughter is pictured with Ian in the photo below) flew to Haiti on December 25 to wait for her daughter's passport. It could take days or weeks but she is committed not to leave for home until Sarah is in her arms! Sometimes I wish I could do the same.

Waiting and hoping ...

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