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Thursday, December 3, 2009

I Have Often Wondered

... what the immigration process is like when we actually bring our boys into the United States. The mom wrote an interesting recap of their process in a post entitled "On Coming to America."

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Melissa said...

Our experience wasn't so long, thankfully, we landed in Chicago. Though we did have the sealed envelope and when we went into the room that the author of the other blog called "The Hole" we were the only ones in it. That agent was the only friendly one, however she also made a mistake that cost us lots and lots of trouble down the road. She opened the envelope and said there was an extra passport photo of Drew, would I like to have it. Of course I did. Then months later when we had problems getting his green card and so forth, we went to the immigration office in Indy and they said there was a problem with his paperwork, one of the passport photos was missing. After about 2 years we finally got his paperwork straightened out. So the moral of the story is DO NOT let them give you anything from that envelope!
I am sure your experience will be fine. You will have your boys in your arms, nothing else will matter.
Love ya!