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Wednesday, December 16, 2009


If I have my dates correct, today is the day Lawanna leaves for Christmas with her family in the States. The thought is bittersweet to me. Words cannot express the blessing this special lady has been to our family this past year. She nursed our son back to health when he was neglected and unwell; she voluntarily took on both of our boys and has kept them together since my visit this past April; she has been a friend and encourager to us throughout these long months of waiting.

It is my dear hope that our boys will be home with us before she returns to Haiti; however, it also makes me sad to think that this may be their final goodbye with someone who has loved and cared for them so very well. I look forward to our family's furlough to the States in a few years and hopefully the chance to see Lawanna once again!

Lawanna with 'adopted' son Valdex

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