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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Letter from a Friend

My friend Sarah sent me this thoughtful note tonight:
Dear Steph,

I've been thinking of you a lot this week and praying for you, too. I've been thinking of the verse that says that in the fulness of time, God sent His Son. Well, I know that the waiting game is hard for you, and that is normal. And I have been thinking of God waiting for the right time to send His Son. I wonder if the angels ever asked, "God, how many more decades, centuries, days, etc. till it's time for Jesus to be born?" I wonder if God ever said, "Don't ask me that question again. When it's time, I'll let you know." :-) Anyways, I am sure that there was no one in Heaven more anxious for the time to come than God Himself. I wonder if He used a heavenly marker to mark off the days on his heavenly calendar. It's kind of silly, I guess, to think that way, but if there is anyone who knows your anxious heart, it's God. Looking at the calendar this afternoon, I figured that there's probably no way you'll have your boys on a plane by Dec. 9 in order to beat the 2 year birthday deadline, but I am still praying that they'll be home with you in Chile for Christmas.

Next time you are tempted to check the inbox for the umpteenth time, remember that God does things in His way, in His time and that both are perfect. And remember too, that God knows your desire to have your boys near and that He, too, experienced the waiting game ...

Lots of hugs,

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Kristin said...

Wow! What an incredible letter. Very insightful into our Father's love for us, His son, and into His timing. This has given me encouragement as we wait to bring our son and daughter home from Haiti as well. Thank you for sharing.