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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Sweet & Sad

This picture is "hot off the press" so to speak! An adoptive mom from Argentina arrived in Haiti to visit her adorable baby son but apparently she was tormented by my son instead. :)

I chose this title because I find it incredibly sweet that my boy is so friendly and funny. Everyone says he is always laughing and smiling, and I love that. But the part that is sad is that he truly does not know the difference between any other visiting mom and his mom: Me.

Three visits over the course of two years is not enough to forge the relationship that I long to have with my sons. A part of me is scared about how long it will take to develop that relationship and whether all the comings and goings they have experienced in their short lives will have long-term negative effects on their ability to bond with us.

But then I remind myself that worrying about tomorrow will not change it. God is in control; He handpicked our precious boys for us; and I can trust Him to knit their hearts to mine when they finally come home.

And that will be the sweetest day of all.

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Lena Wright said...

You are right, God is in control. I need to remind myself of this frequently. Thanks for the reminder.