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Tuesday, December 8, 2009


... is Ian's 2nd birthday. How I had hoped the boys would be home in time, but it wasn't meant to be. I am sad and a little teary tonight, even though I know we will have many more birthdays to share together in the future.

Here is the poem I wrote last year to Ian on his birthday. You might notice that the date is off a bit, and that is because originally we were told his birthday was December 6 but later discovered it is actually December 9. If I were to dwell on the melancholy, even that makes me a bit sad because it seems as though every child should always know the special day that is their own, but unfortunately in adoption that is not always the case. Even so I am glad that now we do know and tomorrow we will be celebrating our sweet son in our hearts even if he is not yet in our arms.


Spirit of Adoption said...

Oh Stephanie ; ( I'm so sorry! I know this is so hard. Hoping you will all be together VERY soon!!!!!

DebCsMommy said...

I am soooo sad for you & your family! Let's pray they will be home for Christmas!!

Kathy C. said...

They are all growing up apart from us. Sniff, sniff...

Cathy Peterson said...

I am will be praying for you as his birthday is tomarrow.

Rebekah said...

I can't imagine how hard it must be for you. I just know how hard it is for me to watch it all. Your honesty and strength is an example and an encouragement to me.

I'm praying those boys home with you!

Anonymous said...

Oh,Stephanie I'm so sorry that the boys aren't home yet!
But they will be home soon now.
And congratulations!
Best wishes Sheila

cecilia said...

Ayyy, espero que muy pronto esté en casa. Sarah será seguro una buena compañera de juegos en su cumpleaños hoy !!!
Un gran abrazo

Amanda said...

Happy, Happy Birthday to your sweet Ian.

Thank you God, for keeping Ian, for maintaining his health, strength and sparkly eyes for two years. Thank you for giving him a special place to stay and a wonderful caregiver. Thank you for sending his mommy to visit multiple times and bonding their hearts together. Thank you for making Stephanie a praying MOM to this boy thousands of miles away. God, please bring Ian and Alec home before 2009 is over. You can make it so. Help Stephanie's heart as she waits on You and comfort her as only You can.

nora said...

Ian: Feliz día Feliz Cumpleaños!!!!
Dieula (cerquita tuyo, en Haiti)
Nora (desde Argentina)