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Friday, January 15, 2010

And More Exciting News (Update)

1/15/10 PM Update - Unfortunately, it appears there was a misunderstanding of a text message and the information below is not accurate. Obviously this is a huge need not only for the BRESMA orphanage but for ALL the orphanages! Please keep praying!

According to the blog below, the 150 children of the BRESMA orphanage(s) are now legally allowed to enter the United States. They are just working out details of a plane to fly them there. Is that amazing or not?! GOD is doing great things. I am so encouraged.
Update: I want to add the link below because I am a little confused about the first report and want to make sure I am sharing accurate information -


Michelle Smiles said...

Do you know any of the families in process with BRESMA? If so, can you ask them to contact virigina[at]thatschuch[dot]com
They need as much info as possible ASAP. If you check the blog, I'm sure you've seen the post. I'm trying to help spread the word. And as an adoption blogger, I thought adoption blogs might be the place to ask!

Lena Wright said...

praying praying praying. Lord, make a way. Thank you!