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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

More Updates (with photos)

An e-mail from Barbara (posted by another adoptive mom):

we are all ok hear at the village only one injury, but the buildings got hit real bad. the walls are gone and the after shocks keep coming and causing more damage.We will need thousands of blocks to repair what can be repaired, but some are at lost.There is destruction everywhere, all the ...offical buildings fell and thousand are dead.. WE are the Blessed ones!!!!!

An e-mail from Lacey (posted by her mom):
Uffff, It is crazy here today. We didn't get any sleep last night. Now we are sending emails... the babies are still outside. Upstairs is too big of a mess but we really need to get it cleaned.. all our diesel cans were stolen.. Barbara says the LOOTING has started. Everyone's homes have collapsed, we don't have enough shelter here either. The nurses, Carol and Mandy, are busy putting stitches in kids' faces, doctoring head injuries, and burns...etc.

Please continue to pray.....

Photos of our boys' home:

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