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Monday, January 18, 2010


So far this morning we have been downtown, paid bills, waited in line at the notary's office, obtained an official "child care" document for our colleagues in case of any emergency, searched for birth certificates and other important documents, called in a favor for a ride to the airport, offered our house to a visiting pastor's family, and currently I am on hold with the Miami Passport Agency in hopes of getting appointments for our boys on Thursday and pleading our case.

I'm sure I missed something in there.

Please pray for sanity and for our kids to understand the craziness. Right now they are super excited to go to their friends. I still have clothes to wash. Life is wild.

But God is good. :)


ilovemy5kids said...

I'm praying for you and your sweet family. I showed my kids your picture and my youngest said, that is my brother's cousin. (His brother is blond and blue eyed...we laughed so hard.)

You are a blessing and encouraging!

Blessings to you,

HMK said...

Praising God that the details are working out and they will continue to work out. Safe travels to you and to your boys coming to you... prayers for passports and permission for the boys to travel to Chile quickly.

Anonymous said...

Stephanie, vale la pena tanta locura!! Buen viaje!!! muchísima suerte!! Vamos a estar rezando para que todo salga bien y por fin la familia este unida para siempre!!Un abrazo, Constanza

Melissa said...

God is good! And we are praying for all of the details to work out. The great thing is that it is in His hands!
Love you and cannot wait to hear the news of when the boys are in your arms for good!

Anonymous said...

We have prayed for this moment for so long! I am so excited for you!!!

- Heather Marie

Anonymous said...

I love hearing the excitement in your posts! So very happy for you!

Corey and Nicki Shields said...

Praying for you and praising God that your prayers are about to become a reality!