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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Still Waiting for Word

We know of several adoptive families who are still waiting for word on the well-being of their precious children. Please remember them in your prayers!

Sheri is adopting a little girl named Jayla who lives in an orphanage about 40 miles from PAP. She writes: Please continue praying for our friends in Haiti. The orphanage where Jayla and the other girls live is about 40 miles from PAP. We have not heard any news. We are praying for news soon. We are resting in our Prince of Peace....

Amanda waited through the night for word on her son Joshua and recently posted: We've been told through a 'grapevine' that our creche was damaged but the children were ok and transported to a church. We are still awaiting a more concrete update on our little boy.

Julie is still waiting for word on her children Sousi and Sève. She left a message on my blog this afternoon:
I feel as though I have sat stunned at the feet of Jesus all day. His peace has given me great comfort and I know God is sovereign - He is working for His glory and I watch expectantly for His hands of love and compassion to be stretched out across the hearts of the people in Haiti. At the same time I keep searching His face for signs of Sousi and Sève. . .I may not know for days of their safety, and yet I keep searching our beloved Saviour's face - He knows whether they are safe or not. I can only be content in knowing that they are in His hands alone and He is truly a God of love and comfort and safety. So I sit at the feet of Jesus and pray for Sousi and Sève to be cradled in His arms or hidden beneath the shelter of His wings. Thank you for standing beside me in prayer during this. What encouragement to glance sideways before the throne of God and see so many of us gathered together in heart and mind petitioning Him for grace and protection in Haiti. Banded together in prayer with you. julie


sheri wiebe said...

We have news that our little girl is O.K.


Vashti said...

Praying for you all and all those babies. One of my bestfriends helps to run a childrens home over there and thank the Lord they are all safe, but thousands are not so we are all praying hard. Stay strong.

StacyandChad said...

Ever since I heard the news, I've been praying for your precious little boys. I'm also lifting up the many more children who are facing such uncertainties!
I even posted a prayer request on the Stepping Stones forum!
Praying hard!