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Monday, January 11, 2010

A Time for Laughter

We gathered for a time of family prayer around the living room tonight, encouraging the kids to remember three prayer requests: (1) Mom-Mom's surgery tomorrow; (2) a possible teaching position for Tio Hugo; and (3) the details of Ian and Alec's homecoming.

Pedro's exact words to the kids about the latter were: "We don't have to pray that Ian and Alec come home anymore, because we know that they are. We just need to pray for all the details to work out."

Well, they took his words to heart. During her prayer Eva stumbled and asked, "What was it called again? Oh, the details." When it was Owen's turn he did his traditional round of thank you's: "Thank you for Mom-Mom. Thank you for Tio Hugo. Thank you for ... What was that word? Thank you for the details!"

I peeked over at Pedro and sure enough he had his hand over his mouth and was stifling his laughter. Eva, on my lap, snickered and her body started to shake. I managed to hold it in until the prayers were all done and Eva asked, "Did Owen say thank you for the details?"

Sometimes it's a good time for laughter. :) :)


Anna and David said...

It's been awhile since I've checked the blogs and what a great surprise! We're so excited that you finally have an end in site and that you'll have those cute little boys home with you soon. CONGRATULATIONS and good luck with all the details!

Future of Hope said...

Stephanie, I am praising the Lord with you on answered prayer! I am looking forward to seeing a picture of your five children, all together. I am sure your heart is looking forward to that as well.
May the Lord grant swiftness in sorting out all of the details!

Bill and Christina said...

Children are so precious!