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Friday, January 15, 2010

Urgent Prayer Needs

Julie's family still has had no news on their children. They have issued a plea for help to anyone who might be able to help them search on the ground in Haiti:
Gwen Mangine, missionary to Haiti, requested prayer this morning on Facebook:

more pressing needs. Things are starting to get a little more urgent. Don't think there will be time to chill today afterall... Keep us in your prayers.
And another adoptive family with a child at our sons' orphanage posted this information last night:

We actually talked to Barbara last night and she couldn't stress enough what a dangerous situation the kids are in at the Village. They continue to have aftershocks which continue to leave even more cracks in the concrete buildings that are somehow still standing. The could collapse at any time. Plus, disease/illness will start to set in. To be honest, lives will be lost if these babies don't get out.

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