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Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I appreciated these thoughts from Kim Rhodes today. Their son Frankie arrived home after the earthquake and is adjusting beautifully to life in his new family and as the first boy in a household of little girls.

In her post, Kim mentions the incredible community whose foundation was laid prior to the earthquake but which has become a great support to so many families like ours since then. I had been thinking the same thing but she says it so much better:
Despite this awful tragedy all of us who were in the adoption process have our kids home or are in the process of getting them home which means I have had access to instant community of heart passions. I am able to read other peoples stories about how they are doing and be encouraged as I read their joys and struggles and know that I am not alone in this whole transition. I am learning SO MUCH from them.

As much as I was so unprepared and had so much more reading and other things to do the great thing is that now I’m learning with a team of people as to how to handle this transition. And the chance of that happening like it has is well another one in a million chances. Another piece of beauty in this broken thing that has happened.

There is a phrase I have heard repeated often in these past four weeks but which is so very appropriate ... "beauty from ashes" ... this is yet another example of how it has certainly been proven true in our lives.

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Amanda said...

I'm so thankful for everyone I've followed and I'm thankful that God has worked for us all. I am sure that there are those still waiting...when I think of all that's happened I'm AMAZED. I don't even know if there are really adequate words at this point, but my mind does go to the Israelites escaping Egypt!