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Thursday, February 11, 2010


Adding two toddlers with a history of which we know only bits and pieces means lots of new discoveries. One recent discovery was made by Daddy and has resulted in a much happier household!

As I've mentioned before, the boys are quick to pinch and bite each other (and us) when they get frustrated or things don't go their way. But when Pedro tried to get them to hug and "love" one another afterward, he realized that they have already been taught this! They do hug each other and inevitably one or both erupts into giggles and the painful moment is past. It's wonderful!

We've started having them do this with their older siblings as well - even if they haven't hurt them - and it has made for some sweet moments. I am big believer in the importance of physical touch. Hugs and kisses, tickling and wrestling, always seem to strengthen the family ties.

Along those lines, Ian has now started to try and "teekle, teekle" me (that's how he pronounces it and it is so cute and funny.) The only problem is that he feels a pre-requisite to "teekle-ing" is to pull up Mommy's shirt and he doesn't always give fair warning nor do it in appropriate places - ie, the front patio in plain view of the neighbors. Yikes! :)

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Amanda said...

I can relate! I LOVE that I can relate!!! LOL

We encourage Joshua to give 'kisses' when he's wronged someone, and that's working great.

Also, he likes to 'tickle' in under the shirt places! He'll lift my shirt and scratch me with his sharp little nails and say "teekle, teekle!" LOL

So funny, the similarities.