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Monday, February 1, 2010

First Week at Home - Monday 2/1/10

Today was a good day. The boys were happy for the most part (although Alec spent much of the morning stuck like glue to Mommy.) During their morning nap, Martha was at the house and I was able to slip out and run errands while they slept peacefully and never even knew I was gone (which was very refreshing for me, I must admit.) I found good bananas at the market and that just made lunch extra-special because Ian and Alec LOVE them (stay tuned for a future video of the boys eating bananas because it is quite a show!)

But by far the highlight of the day was an impromptu visit to our colleagues' house, the Spink family. The boys enjoyed company their own age, ate hot dogs and macaroni and cheese, and to my utter surprise even Ian wanted to join the other kids in the pool. As you can see from the pictures below they had a fabulous time. It was SO nice. The boys played great with each other and their new friends, got refreshed after a hot day, and were so tired that they fell asleep without further ado once we got home. Thanks, Kim!

Ian was thoroughly entertained by Kylie

he was also quite concerned when she later suffered a "time out" of the pool

Alec was not quite sure what the "sorry" hug was all about, but he handled it well

this smile says it all

so does this one

the boys played SO nicely side by side without fighting

the terrific trio

this is how squabbles start (cups are a most popular item these days)

love them SO much


Anonymous said...

i bet you do love them so much. they are so cute! I am still so happy for you!

Twinsplusthree said...

Isn't it crazy that a week ago you were buying plane tickets and now you are buying bananas and your boys are home! They are adorable.

Amanda said...

Sweet, sweet precious boys!

Bananas are very popular here, too!

denie heppner said...

loving reading your blog and noticing the herniated bellybuttons. you might try what we did with some of our babies here in the Philippines- tape a small coin securely over the hernia, making sure all the bulging is inside, and leave it like that for several months (of course you change the tape occasionally) ... they are young enough that it just might heal together without surgery. just a suggestion. blessings!

Kathy C. said...

What a fun playdate.

Vashti said...

So sweet. And it looks like Ian is feeling much better. I have been reading all your other posts and the mess that Haiti is in right now is just so sad.
We are praying over here in South Africa.

We started adoption number 3 this week. Getting paper work going for a baby girl. I pray it goes smooth and that God brings us our baby at the right time. PLease pray with us.

Have a wonderful day with all your babies!!!