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Saturday, February 6, 2010


Today was our first full day with {five} children. I can hardly believe it! It was fun, it was hectic, it was tiring, it was blessed. I wrote on our family blog about how Owen in particular seems to be handling the transition. Isabel, not surprisingly, is a little "mother" who is super concerned about her new brothers' well-being. Eva enjoys them as long as they stay out of her things (she has already commissioned one of the baby gates to bar entrance to her bedroom!)

Ian and Alec are now fascinated with the backyard pool and went in on two separate occasions today. It was fun to see them playing with Daddy, Owen, Isabel and Eva at different times in the pool. Alec is such a daredevil, it is unbelievable! Ian stays a safe distance away from the major splashing but still shrieks in delight through it all.

As was to be expected, with the sudden arrival of four new family members the little boys did have some struggles today. There were tantrums and more biting and pinching and hitting. At one point Ian in anger bit me hard on the inside of my thigh while my hands were full and I was unable to ward him off. That hurt! And it made me mad. I quickly carried him upstairs and left him in his crib screaming while I caught my breath and prayed for patience.

The reason he did it is frustrating. Lately almost as soon as someone steps into the kitchen Ian is grabbing and whining and begging to be put into his highchair and fed. In this case he had just eaten (a lot) and there was absolutely no way he could truly be hungry nor was it healthy for him to eat again. When I said no, he retaliated as I described. I don't know how to address this other than to keep the kitchen door closed most of the time. My heart breaks for the starvation he experienced as a tiny baby, but what confuses me is that I know that at least for the past year he had has good nutrition. I don't know if this a reaction to having so many options available to him all at once? I want to be sensitive but I also want to create healthy boundaries for him.

Overall it was a very sweet day. Our house is not big, so when we are all together, we are really together. But I caught myself breathing a deep sigh of relief and gratitude today just realizing that finally, the dream had come true and our family was truly together.

Thank You, Lord, for dreams fulfilled.


Crystal Harper said...

So sweet! You are doing great. Just continue loving them and being consistent and they will settle in more each day. It is hard to imagine that he is likely the way he is about food because he has had times he was without or didn't get enough. Makes me feel guilty about the 10 bags of groceries I brought in today. And, it was a fairly short list. Thanks for reminding me how blessed I am.

Dale said...

Beautiful picture Stephanie!

Poor Ian. It's probably a reaction to just how little food they had in the days after the earthquake. Could you just put him in the high chair and give him some water or juice? It might let him know that food is still available, it's just not the right time. ((((HUGS))))!

Ellie said...

Is he wanting in the highchair only to eat, or is it maybe because you are in the kitchen and in the highchair he is up at your level? Have you tried giving him something else to do in his chair - like playdough or finger paint? Maybe even a spoon and a cup with water to play with.

Just ideas, which likely you've tried yourself. Hang in there! I can't imagine how it would be for them, for you, for the whole family. Praying for energy, patience, and settling in for you all.

Susan M said...

Hi! I lie in Europe and adopted a 2 and a half year old boy over 10 years ago.Looking back it was hard but love overcomes! It is so difficult to understand what they are thinking! My son would cry and scream every time we had to leave a park or similar he probably wondered if he would go again![He was from Romania and had never left the orphanage].You look as if you have so much love to give and this will become apparent to these two sweet boys!God bless all your family they are two blessed boys and remember not to be too hard on yourself we all make mistakes at times!!