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Wednesday, February 3, 2010


~ As of today, I have officially been with my sons twice as long as we have ever been together before. Now that is something to celebrate!

~ Ian has gained nearly three pounds in a little over one week. Holy cow!

~ The boys are really getting into a good routine with naps and bedtime. Very little fussing as long as Mommy kisses them goodnight and puts on the children's praise songs. This is progress!

~ I have recently seen Ian reject several people's friendly overtures. That may sound harsh, but it is actually a huge step in the right direction for him!

~ Yesterday I showed the boys some pictures of me holding them while on my last trip to Haiti. It seemed to trigger a connection, because Alec squeezed me extra tightly and both boys acted happy/surprised while staring at the screen.

~ At the same time I showed them some pictures of their village/orphanage after the quake (while the boys were still there.) Ian said, "No!" and purposely turned away to play with his toys. On the one hand it saddened me that he understands enough to have unhappy feelings triggered by pictures of that time, but on the other hand it made me glad that he is obviously happy to be here.

~ Both of the boys do seem really happy. They seem to be comfortable in their new surroundings, going from room to room even without me (at first I had to always be in sight.) They just seem very content, and I am so very glad. Thank you, Lord!


Deborah said...

SO glad, my Friend!!!

Love you!

Rebekah said...

What a blessing! Continuing to pray for you and them, esp. when everyone else returns!

Corey and Nicki Shields said...

Very good! Great to hear.