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Friday, February 12, 2010

Rain and Reality

"Rain, rain, go away ... Come back another day ..."

Or so the childhood rhyme goes. Sadly for Haiti, rain is a harsh reality that won't simply go away. The spring rains are approaching and then as Susan writes, " ... the rainy season will not come softly. It will be torrential in its onslaught."

For men, women and children in their pitiful makeshift shelters throughout Port-au-Prince and beyond, today's rainfall was a haunting reminder of what is to come. Please read Susan's post and please pray for protection over so many who are defenseless against the elements right now.

Defenseless. It's a word meaning "lacking protection or support; vulnerable." Even before the earthquake, that word described so many of Haiti's children. And after the earthquake, the children are still those who suffer most. Please read this post entitled "It's all relative" by a volunteer at the Rescue Center in Cazale. I think it is something we need to see. It is a reality.

I am thinking of the rain and I am thinking of the reality of living in Haiti right now. Honestly, I can see the images and I can feel the sorrow but I cannot truly understand any of it. Those who have lived it cannot even understand it. So all I can do is pray and share and hope and give and trust ...

One more link. Please read Tara Livesay's post from today. It is honest and real. Follow her links. Because we must not forget! Even when Haiti become yesterday's news, it is still today's reality for her suffering people.

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