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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Give Me Some Lovin'

Ian has become much more affectionate of late. He's never been exactly un-affectionate but always seemed so excited and busy that he just didn't take much time out for snuggling. He especially disliked being held in the cradled position except for just before naptime or bedtime - and even then not every time.

So it's extra-sweet that he will sometimes during the day come to me now just for some holding time. He will curl up in my arms or on my lap, stick his favorite little finger in his mouth, and just snuggle close for awhile.

A great snuggling time for Ian is first thing in the morning after he wakes up. It usually takes a few minutes for him to rub the sleep from his eyes and he enjoys being held for awhile.

I have a hip sling but I don't actually use it much. However, last week Ian had a very clingy day. I put him in the sling and to my surprise he wanted to be cradled in it. I decided to take advantage of an almost unheard-of situation and asked one of the girls to get him a bottle of juice. Neither of the boys has wanted bottles since they came home, but I wanted to see if he would let me give it to him and sure enough, he did.

It may sound a little strange yet I didn't want to let the opportunity pass for both him and I to experience the type of "mothering moment" that I missed all too many of the first two years of his life. These moments are gifts.


Stephanie said...

How wonderful! I am glad you were blessed with that moment.

DotBlogger said...

Oh my, beautiful.

Rebekah Hubley said...

Great moments!!!!! We kept Jonas on a bottle until he was 3; one year after we brought him home. I know people thought we were nuts, but I didn't care. It is so easy to hold and cuddle while they drink a bottle. Your boys are doing amazing!!! and so are you!